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Helena Nogueira


Auxiliary Professor (since 2007) at the Geography and Tourism Department of the University of Coimbra and member of Research Center for Anthropology and Health (CIAS). Develops her work both in teaching and researching activities, revealing interests predominantly in the area of health geography, healthy urban planning, social determinants of health, inequalities and inequities in health, obesogenic environments and data analysis methodologies. Has conducted several studies focused, mainly, on the socioterritorial variations of health and the contextual determinants of health. Is the co-author of 4 published books and more that 20 book chapters, both national and international, and more than 100 articles published in national and international scientific journals.Was awarded with several scientific prizes, namely Bial Prize for Clinical Medicine in 2006 for her work “Iguais ou diferentes? Cuidados de saúde materno-infantil a uma população de imigrantes” [Equal or different? Provision of maternal and child healthcare to an immigrant population] (co-author) and the Prize for Scientific Recognition of the Portuguese Network of Healthy Cities (3rd edition), in 2008, for her work “Saúde (d)nos lugares: territórios de vulnerabilidade e oportunidade na Área Metropolitana de Lisboa” [Health of Places: Territories of vulnerability and opportunity in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon].