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Carles Feixa

Universidad de Lleida

Carles Feixa (Lleida, 1962), has a PhD in Social Anthropology by the University of Barcelona and Honoris Causa by the University of Manizales (Colombia). Currently, he is a full professor at the University of Lleida. He has been a visiting investigator in research centres in Rome, Mexico, Paris, Buenos Aires and California Berkeley. Freixa is specialised in the study of youth cultures, conducting several field researchs in Catalunya and Mexico. He is the author of more than 25 books, among which, De jovenes, bandas y tribus (Barcelona, 1998), El Reloj de Arena (México, 1998), Culturas juveniles en España (Madrid, 2003), Jovens na America Latina (Sao Paulo, 2004) and Global Youth? (London & New York, 2006).

He is coeditor of the journal Young (Londres/Delhi) and a member of the Consejo Editorial de Nueva Antropología (México), Nómadas (Bogotá), Mondi Migranti (Milano) y Analise Social (Lisboa). He was an advisor for youth policies at the United Nations and he is Vicepresident of the Research Committee “Youth Sociology” of the International Sociological Association”.