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Rita Lopes da Silva


Paediatric Neurologist. Her main areas of interests are focused, mainly, around the disturbances in the development of language and behaviour, epilepsy, and the cerebrovascular diseases. Graduated from medicine by the Faculty of Medicina of the University of Lisbon in 1995. Has done an internship at the University of Oxford in the field of the Disturbances in the Development of Language, being tutored by Professor Dorothy Bishop. She was an assistant in Neuroanatomy at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (1997-2007) and lectured the subjects of Neurology and Neurophysiology/Neuroanatomy of the degree in Occupational Therapy at Alcoitão School of Health (ESSA) (1998-2003). Since 2006, Rita Lopes da Silva is an Hospital Assistant in neuropeadiatrics at Dona Estefânia Hospital. She is the author of several book chapters and articles published in national and international scientific journals and of several presentations in nationals and international meetings.