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Gabriela Trevisan

ESEPF e Univ. do Minho - investigadora do ProChild CoLAB

Born in Porto, in 1975, has a degree in Organizational Sociology from the University of Minho. Worked as a sociocultural animator at the Foundation for the Development of Vale de Campanhã, Porto (1998-2001). Was Adjunct Professor at the Paula Frassinetti School of Education (2001-2019). She has a Master's Degree in Childhood Sociology (Institute for Child Studies, University of Minho) and a Ph.D. in Child Studies, specializing in Childhood Sociology, in the scope of citizenship and child participation. She participates in different professional networks in the field of Sociology of Childhood and is coordinator of the Thematic Section of Sociology of Childhood, of the Portuguese Association of Sociology since December 2018. She is currently a researcher at ProChild CoLAB, in Guimarães. Areas of investigation include the sociology of childhood, children's rights, public policies for childhood, child poverty, community intervention, socio-educational work with children and young people and families.